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I’m Niki Krauss, a Yankee by birth, a Southerner by choice, and a joy-filled lover of Jesus by grace. I’m also a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, but I’m all about not allowing that fact to define me. I’ve learned a few things over six decades as a survivor, and I’d like to share them with you.

Whether you’re a survivor yourself, or you know someone who is (and statistics say you likely do even if you don’t know it), dig a little deeper into my website and make yourself at home. To stay connected, join my email list and never miss a blog post or update.

Together we can end the stigma surrounding childhood sexual abuse. All of us, survivors or not, must find our voices. Prevention begins with being able to speak openly about sexual abuse. One in four girls; one in six boys. It’s a problem that doesn’t discriminate. It’s a problem that doesn’t only happen in someone else’s family.


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